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The Marvellous Moebeus Muffler! 
A handmade scarf / cowl created from high quality wool.
The scarves are knitted in one piece, with no seams, demonstrating a true Moebeus strip design. Designed to be loose around the neck, these mufflers are comfortable, soft and warm.
These are knitted from high quality, natural wool by Noro - a Japanese brand well known for its care and attention to handmade quality and eco-friendly methods. All animal fibres in the yarn come from certified organic farms.
These are soft, warm and comfortable. We have other versions knitted in different wools, so please see our other listings or contact us should you need something specific as we can custom make these as needed.
Shipping is free to UK addresses using first class Royal Mail. If you are outside of the UK or require faster or different delivery options, please contact us as we will be happy to help.

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 The Equation

Mobeious Maths
Click on the link below to see the science behind the Mobius strip.


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Please free free to browse our shop, please remember the Mufflers are all lovingly hand made by our artisan and may differ slightly from the desplay photos.

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Childrens scarves

Specally made for the smaller neck, these mufflers will keep your little ones tosty warm.

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"What You Have To Say"

  • I find it so warm and snuggly I've taken to wearing it in the house as well!!
Tim Brown

  • I love my Muffler, unlike a regular scaf you can fit it in your pocket when going into the office.
Nigel Spires